Photographer. Educator.  Artist.  Superhero?

Mandy L. Kendall is a photographer, educator, web developer and artist  based in Pittsburgh, PA.  She has over 12 years of photography experience, having worked as a studio, commercial, documentary and fine art photographer, as well as a photographic educator. 

Kendall works in a number of photographic techniques, from historical processes to new digital technologies.  Her current bodies of work focus on the emotional remnants of lost relationships and our ever-evolving relationship with and impact on the landscape.

In 2015, Kendall was invited to Photo Gallery Momozono in Tokyo, Japan to show her work Sacrificial Fire to an international audience, in reponse to growing energy concerns in the United States and Japan.

When she's not doing web development or photography, she's teaching her minions (AKA 8-17 year old students) how to take over the world in her  photography and STEAM classes at Pittsburgh Filmmakers Youth Media and Silver Eye Center for Photography.

Kendall also enjoys going on adventures, including seeking out the only remaining elk herd in the state of Pennsylvania and landing an exclusive chance to visit the the Alexander Graham Bell estate in Baddeck, Nova Scotia.